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Assigning Multiple Reviewers

Multiple reviewers

Each content review can have more than one assignee. Simply choose +Add Reviewer, search and assign the required number of reviewers:

You can type two letters to search for each individual and add them at one time or you can add reviewers later simply by using the plus icon in the workflow pop-up. You can choose Add note to send a note with the notification of the content review assignment to the assignee.

If roles are enabled for the workflow reviewers, an optional option will be displayed to allocate a role for the reviewer.

The avatars for each assignee are added to the workflow pop-up for the content review for that state:

Each of the assignees can either approve or reject the content. Each individual assignee decision will be shown in the workflow pop-up:

Multiple reviewers and transitions

If there is more than one assigned reviewer, then all the reviewers must agree on the content review decision before the state will transition and both must either approve or reject the content.

All individual decisions are recorded in page history.  Individuals can change their decision up to the point all reviewers agree.