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The actions of approving the content, rejecting the content or updating approved or rejected content will move the page or blog to a different state. These are the transitions.

In the Simple Approval Workflow, in the Review state the content can undergo one of two transitions:

The workflow popup progress tracker will display the workflow states Review and Approved. The Rejected state is hidden from the progress tracker path.

Mouse-over the approve and reject buttons to display the destination states for the content review.

In the published (final) Approved state, if the content is edited and saved, the page will move to the draft state Review:

This transition is not implemented through the workflow popup. The workflow automatically transitions when the content is updated.

Pages or blogs in the Rejected state can be approved, and the page will transition to the Approved state. If the content is edited, the Simple Approval Workflow will transition the page or blog to the Review state:

The content review whilst in the Rejected state can also be rejected by a reviewer.

A rejection decision whilst in the Rejected state will not cause a transition in this example workflow. It will simply remain in the Rejected state, but the event of rejecting the content will be recorded in the workflow history.

View-Only users will only see the content if it is in the workflow final (published) state. In the Simple Approval Workflow, this is the Approved state.

Edit and Admin users will see both draft (content in Review and Rejected states) and the published content in the Approved state.