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Document Activity - Page Tools


data center

Use this feature to display a report of the workflow document activity on the page or blog post.

Viewing the report

Choose the ellipsis menu on a page to open the page tools menu

The document activity report is only available when a page or space workflow is applied to the page or blog post.

The page activity report may be displayed in a data center instance after the installation of Comala Document Control v2 or later if the space is not upgraded to use document activity.

Sorting the report

The report can be sorted by

  • Actor - the user who actioned the document activity

  • Date - date and time of the document activity

Filtering the report

The report contents can be custom filtered using the filter buttons and the options available in the report.

  • Date - to set a time period for the displayed document activity entries

  • Type - to filter by type of document activity related to

    • approvals

    • states

    • read confirmations

    • page edits

Document activity report can be filtered by the event/action in each of the types of activity.

  • Actor - the user who actioned the document activity

  • Participant(s) - the user(s) who have been added to the document activity, for example task assignee(s)

  • State(s) - states in the workflow