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Applying Comala Document Control to Content


Adding a Comala Document Control workflow to a page or blog post allows you to ensure that content is reviewed and signed-off.

Adding and applying Comala Document Control creates a distinction between draft and published content. Everyone (the users with View access) can see the published version, but only authors and reviewers can see the draft versions.

Workflows for your content and processes

You can use the workflow picker to add different workflows that allow you to manage the documentation development for different contexts.

These three bundled workflows include a range of different features such

  • approvals to approve and reject content.

  • the use of expiry dates to facilitate the refresh of content.

  • the need for reviewers to authenticate content review decisions to meet compliance needs (when using the Quality Management System workflow).

Document control for content in a space

At space level, the Comala Document Control for Server app can operate in one of two modes:

  • application to individual pages one at a time - page workflows

  • application in space mode, where the chosen workflow is automatically applied to all content in a space

End users, when working in the first mode, can choose which individual pages or blog posts to apply the Comala Document Control workflow.

If the workflow is applied in space mode, then end-users will be unable to add or remove workflows for individual pages facilitating central management of the content.

To apply a workflow across a space you will need space admin privileges.