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Add and apply a workflow to a space


Applying and adding Comala Document Control to a space will override all other workflows in the space, including workflows added and applied to individual pages and blog posts. This mode of application of a workflow is called Space Mode.

Space admin permissions are required to apply a space mode workflow. The space must also be enabled by global admin for space mode workflows.  

Applying a space workflow

As a space admin you can apply a space workflow in one of two ways:

  • using space tools workflows dashboard
  • using page tools menu from a page

Space tools application of a space workflow

Choose Document Control from the space tools in the sidebar menu:

Choose Content Tools, then select the Document Control tab to display  Space Workflows dashboard:

In this space configuration, the space workflow is disabled. To enable the application of the Simple Approval Workflow across the space choose the check box next to the workflow name:

To change the workflow applied in the space to the Content Expiry or Quality Management Systems Workflow choose Change Workflow.

There are a number of utilities available to the space admin to configure this space approvals workflow.

You will need to enter the values for workflow parameters fit you are adding the Content Expiry or the Quality Management Systems Workflow

Using page tools menu to apply a space workflow

If no existing page workflow or space workflow is applied to the page or blog post choose Add Workflow... from Page Tools menu:

Choose Apply to all the pages in the space (right hand box) and select Next:

Choose the workflow template required using the Add workflow dialogue box and select Apply:

This navigates you to the space tools Document Control dashboard. A message prompt is displayed:

You must now add the any required values for workflow parameters and then enable the chosen workflow for application of the workflow in space mode.

Utilities - Initialise States

You can use the dropdown menu to set the Comala Document Control state for all pages and blog posts in the space:

This will override all existing Comala Document Control states.

This can be used on initial application of the space workflow to reset all the content in the space to a specific state of the workflows. This can also be used (for a space approval workflow), for example, on a required date to ensure the review of all the content in a mature space.

This utility is not available when space approvals workflow is disabled.

Utilities - Workflows History

Choose Clear to reset all the history for workflows for this space. This includes all content and reviewers:

This utility will clear the Workflow History whether space workflows is enabled or disabled. You need Global Admin permission for this.