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Space Mode and Page Workflows Mode


At space level, Comala Document Control can operate in one of two modes:

  • page workflows added and applied to individual pages or blog posts

  • space mode applied to all content in a space

Page Workflows Mode

In Page Mode, workflows are applied on a page-by-page basis, so page has its own unique workflow.

  • Comala Document Control workflow applied manually on page-by-page basis

  • end users choose which workflows to apply

  • customizing the workflow only affects the page it is used on

In page mode, users will be able to choose any one of the three workflows supplied with Comala Document Control.

How do I enable Page mode?

You'll need Global Admin privileges to enable page mode in the space. Global admin Comala Document Control security configuration allows the selection of spaces by space key where Comala Document Control can be applied. 

Within a space, the page mode application of workflows is overridden by Space Admin if space workflows is enabled (workflow applied in space mode) in the space tools workflow dashboard.

Space Mode

In space mode, workflows are applied to all content in a space (optionally workflow application can be filtered by content label).

  • Comala Document Control workflow applied automatically on page creation

  • space admin chooses which workflow to apply

  • spaces where workflows are added and applied are centrally managed at Space / Global level

  • customizing the workflow in the space only affects the space it is used on

How do I enable Space Mode?

Global Admin must enable the space for the use of space workflows. You'll need Space Admin privileges in the space to choose the workflow and enable it's application in space mode across the space.

If the space mode application of the workflow is removed then any content with a prior page workflow will become active again.

Comala Document Control App Configuration







Page Workflows

Configuration - Global

Confluence Admins can limit which spaces are allowed to use Page Mode

Page Workflows overridden if space mode workflow enabled by space admin

Space Workflows

Configuration - Global

Confluence Admins can limit which spaces are allowed to use Page Mode