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Space Administration


To access the Comala Document Control admin screen for a space choose Document Control from the space tools menu.

Choose the Document Control (if not already selected) to display the space Document Control dashboard.

Space admins and administration

As a space admin you can apply a workflow to all content in the space using the Document Control dashboard.

The Document Control dashboard allows a space administrator to

  • select the space workflow using the Change Workflow button

  • disable or enable a space workflow for the space using the check and slider button next to the workflow name

  • Edit the current space workflow template using workflow builder

The space administrator can also use the Report Data Population screen to manually populate workflow data for Document Control reports and reporting macros if the data has not been updated because of unexpected errors or permissions.

Once the workflow is enabled, a space administrator can

  • Initialise States for a space workflow with when being initially applied or at any required point in the documentation development

The space admin can also choose to Clear Workflows History for all workflows in the space, This will clear the workflow history for all pages and blog posts. However, the user will be prompted for a global Confluence admin username and password to complete this action.

Only one workflow can be enabled in the space Document Control dashboard. This workflow is applied to all the content in the space.

The current workflow in the space can be edited using workflow builder to filter its application by the content label.

Editing workflow parameter values

The Content Expiry Workflow and Quality Management System Workflow each include one or more workflow parameters used in the workflow. The value for these parameters can be set in the space document control dashboard. The value set in the dashboard for the parameter is used when the workflow is added to a page in the space.

The Content Expiry Workflow includes the Due Date parameter.

The Due Date parameter is used to provide the value for the due date for the Expired state. The parameter value is used to set the expiry of the content each time a transition to the Expired state occurs.

The Quality Management System Workflow includes four workflow parameters

  • Approval - for the Users and user Groups who are assigned to the approvals by the workflow

  • Read Confirmation for the Read confirmation users and Read confirmation groups who are assigned to reading a page by the workflow

The value is used by the workflow on application to the page or blog post.

Editing the space workflow

Editing the space workflow is through the workflow builder.

The workflow can be customized for use in the current space

  • add a content label filter to filter the application of the workflow

  • customize workflow state names, descriptions and state colors

  • customize an approval in a state

    • edit the decision button names (Approve/Reject) displayed in the workflow popup

    • enable the addition of descriptive roles in the workflow popup for an assigned reviewer

  • enable/disable the addition of a read confirmation request on workflow transition to the final published state

  • add custom page header and footer to be displayed on pages and blog posts that have the workflow applied

Changes in workflow builder will only affect the current chosen workflow template for application in space mode for the current space.

  • any changes to this workflow cannot be saved for use in other spaces

  • workflows applied in page mode in this space (if allowed) by a user cannot be changed by editing the workflow in this way

In the app global configuration spaces can be set to allow/restrict the use of Comala Document Control workflows - either applied as a space workflow or as a page workflow in a space.

At space level, adding a space mode workflow will override all page workflows added by users to an individual page or blog post.

Space admins can configure the space workflow to be applied to specific content by using a content label filter in the workflow. Any pages or blogposts that do not have the content label

  • will not have the active workflow in the space Document Control dashboard applied

  • can have a page workflow added to each individual page

Space Report Data Population

Pages and blog posts will automatically update their data for the Document Control reports and macros.

However, sometimes the data won’t be updated because there were some unexpected errors or if there was a lack of edit permissions by the user that triggered the update itself.

In those cases the data for the reports can be manually populated by running a space level data population job. This can be done by