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Modify an existing workflow template


The current workflow added to a space or added as a page workflow can be modified in a number of simple ways to reflect the individual needs of the team or the project.

In a space, you have the option to modify to the current workflow template but

  • any changes to any workflow template will be limited to its current use, either on the individual page or as a space workflow in the current space
  • if a different workflow is added to the space, any changes will be lost

The source workflow bundled with the app is not changed or updated.

The modification options include changing state names, setting custom action labels for the approval, configuring the read confirmation request and adding a content filter for a space workflow.

You cannot add or remove states, change state transitions or approvals in Comala Document Control.

Fully customizable workflow templates that can be created, saved and shared across spaces are only available in Comala Document Management.

Modifying your workflow

Either choose Edit Workflow in Page Tools menu on the page or Edit Workflow in space tools Document Control dashboard.

This gives access to workflow builder

The Workflow Builder consists of the Workflow Navigator displaying a visual workflow diagram and the Workflow Panel.

Change the state name, color and description

Choose a state to open the state editor to edit the state name, add a description or add a custom color for the state.

Any transitions from other states to this state will be automatically updated to the new state name.

Enable roles for approval reviewers/set custom action labels

Choose a state with an approval to open the approval editor. You can

  • disable/enable the approval option to add a descriptive role for a reviewer
  • edit the default Approve/Reject names for the approval decision buttons in the workflow popup

Simply remove the custom action label names in the approval editor to return to the default Approved and Rejected.

Enable/disable requirement for a read confirmation to be added on the transition to the final state

Choose the slider to enable/disable the addition of a read confirmation request on the transition to the final state.

Choose  Read Confirmation to configure the read confirmation to allow/remove the reviewer choice in the workflow pop to add a read confirmation request.

Workflow Page layout

Page header and footer messages can be added in Page Layout and each configured for display based on user permissions - to content editors, view only users or all users.

Space content filter

If you edit the existing template in the space tools Document dashboard you can also add a filter for the application of the space workflow by adding a content label filter to the workflow

What you cannot change

  • add or remove the existing states
  • edit the state transitions
  • add or remove an approval
  • rename the workflow

Any changes to the page workflow will be unique to this individual occurrence on the page or blog post where you have applied the workflow.

Changes to the current space workflow will be only applicable to the current template in the current space.

Adding a new workflow to the space tools Document Control dashboard will remove the edited workflow and changes will be lost.

If you want to be able to create and apply a customized workflow that can be saved and shared across spaces please look at Comala Document Management.