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Adding a Read Confirmation

Adding a Read Confirmation

A Read Confirmation can be

A standalone read confirmation cannot be added to content with an active workflow. 

If a workflow is added to a page or blog post, any existing standalone read confirmation will be overridden. If the workflow is subsequently removed, the previous standalone read confirmation will become active.

In the QMS workflow the read confirmation assigned readers can be added by adding users as the value(s) for a workflow parameter.

Standalone Read Confirmation

A standalone read confirmation is added using the page action menu.

The read confirmation status (double-tick) icon will appear on the page.

A read confirmation breadcrumb is also displayed in the page footer. This is contextualized to the current progress of the read confirmation and the current user.

Workflow Read Confirmation

A read confirmation can be enabled in a workflow using workflow builder.

  • a read confirmation will be active if enabled by a reviewer for the final state.

The default workflow read configuration setting adds a read confirmation every time the workflow enters the final state. This can be disabled by a user with permission to access workflow builder.

If enabled, read confirmation can also be configured to allow the reviewer a choice of whether to add the read confirmation on the approve transition to the final state.

If checked, the content reviewer can decide in the final review state workflow popup if read confirmation should be added to the final state.

The read confirmation status icon will appear when the page has reached the final state of the workflow.

Read Confirmation Readers

In a standalone read confirmation and a workflow read confirmation, page editors can use the read confirmation popup to add users as readers.

One or more users can be added (or removed) as readers using the popup. 

In a workflow, the popup is only available once a read confirmation is added to the final state in the workflow

In the Quality Management System workflow read confirmation, users can also be assigned to a read confirmation using the values of workflow parameters.

On the addition of the workflow to the content, a user is prompted to enter the values for the workflow parameters (with separate parameters for the reviewers and for the read confirmation readers).

  • individual users and/or groups can be assigned read confirmation.
  • workflow parameters can be used to assign users as readers.

If enabled, reviewers will be able to choose to add a read confirmation for the final state in the In Approval workflow popup.

If more than one reviewer is required for the approval, if enabled, the addition of the read confirmation to the final state is based on the decision of the reviewer whose Approve decision causes the transition. In most cases, this is the last reviewer to approve.

In the final state, the values entered for the workflow parameters will be added as readers.

Readers can also be added or removed using the read confirmation popup.

By default, Read Confirmation assignee(s) receive notifications for all read confirmation events. Read confirmation notifications (enable/disable) are configured in global administration and configuration.

Working with read confirmations

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