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Read Confirmation Popup


When a read confirmation has been added, the read confirmation popup is accessed using the read confirmation iconin the page header.

Or if at least one reader has confirmed the popup can be opened using the read confirmation page footer breadcrumb.

The read confirmation popup allows you to keep track of the progress of the read confirmations.

The contents of the read confirmation popup will change to reflect the current state of read confirmations: 

  • overall status of read confirmation as pending, overdue or completed
  • individual user requested read confirmation status, if complete includes the content version and time for the read confirmation
  • current due date (if added) for completion of requested read confirmation

The read confirmation popup allows you to:

  • edit requested read confirmations to add and remove readers
  • add or edit a due date for the completion of the read confirmation
  • reset the read confirmation for any completed reader read confirmation

Read confirmation popup is used with standalone read confirmation and workflow read confirmation.

Working with read confirmations

See the following to learn more