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Read Confirmation


Pages and blog posts can have a /wiki/spaces/AWPD/pages/6446033317 added. The read confirmation feature allows workflow authors to request that users confirm they have read certain content.

If a workflow is added to the content, the read confirmation status icon (circled red below) will appear when the page has reached the final state.

As a user, if you have been assigned to read a page, you will see a Confirm option link at the bottom of the page.  Simply choose to confirm you have read the page.

One or more users can be assigned to read a specific page or blog post and confirm when they have read the content. A due date can be set for the completion of the read confirmation by all assigned readers.

The read confirmation for the content is pending until all assigned users have confirmed. Only the read confirmation for the most recent version that the user confirmed is displayed.

Read confirmations can be used on content with an added workflow or as a standalone with no added workflow.

By default, Read Confirmation assignee(s) receive notifications for all read confirmation events.

Read confirmation notifications can be disabled for the instance in global admin.