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Request a read confirmation from a user

Requesting a read confirmation

A Read Confirmation can be requested in one of two ways:

  • a workflow author specifying users or groups in the workflow builder.
  • a page editor adding users through the read confirmation popup.

If there is no active workflow on the page or blog post, the read confirmation function can be added as a standalone read confirmation. Requests for user read confirmations can then be made through the Read Confirmation popup.

If there is an active workflow on the page or blog post, read confirmation must be enabled for the workflow using workflow builder.

You can search for a user to request read confirmation by their full name, username or email address.

Reconfirming a read confirmation

If you need your existing readers to reconfirm - e.g. as part of an annual retraining of company policy - you can use the resend option on the read confirmation popup dropdown menu.

Only readers who have confirmed the read confirmation will be resent the request.

Assigned readers who have not yet confirmed will simply have an outstanding read confirmation request and will not receive an additional notification.

Working with read confirmations

See the following to learn more: