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Content Reviews


Content reviews, or approvals, focus on approving or rejecting the content of a page or blog post.

An individual content review is specific to a workflow state. They are characterized by two buttons, named "Approve" and "Reject", in the workflow popup.

If there are no reviewers assigned to a content review, any user with Edit or Admin permissions can undertake the content review (the approval).

One or more users or groups can be /wiki/spaces/APRVLCD/pages/7544897826 to the content review. Once a user is assigned, the Approve and Reject buttons are disabled for all other users.

Assigning multiple reviewers will mean all assigned reviewers will need to agree on the Approve content review decision before the approved transition occurs. All the users, may or may not need to agree for the Reject transition. The configuration of the approval or the addition of a workflow trigger can create a fast-track rejection on a single reviewer decision to reject the content.