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Workflow Read Confirmation


Read confirmation can be added to the final state in the workflow.

The default configuration for the workflow is the addition of read confirmation to the final state on an Approve decision transition to the final state. 

The read confirmation status icon will be displayed on the page in the workflow final state.

The read confirmation contextual status message is displayed in the page footer.

If the current user is assigned a read confirmation for the current content, the read confirmation status message will display a Confirm link for the user.

The read confirmation configuration can be changed in workflow builder to allow the reviewer to choose whether a read confirmation will be added for an Approve decision transition to the final state.

The Request read confirmation option is added to the workflow popup in the final review state.

In the final state, page editors can add readers to the workflow read confirmation using the read confirmation popup.

Choosing the read confirmation status icon displayed in the header navigation opens the read confirmation popup.

If the Quality Management Systems workflow is applied, Read Confirmation readers can be specified to be automatically added when a reviewer Approve decision transition to the final state occurs.

Enabling read confirmation in a workflow

To enable or disable read confirmation, edit the workflow using workflow builder

When enabled, a reviewer Approve decision transition to the final state will add a read confirmation.

Enable/disable reviewers to decide on adding read confirmation to the final state

When read confirmation is enabled for a workflow, by default, a reviewer can decide if a Request read confirmation should be added on the Approve decision transition to the final state. 

In workflow builder read confirmation configuration, the tick box is checked to allow reviewers to decide if read confirmations should be assigned.

If checked, a reviewer undertaking an Approve decision can choose the Request read confirmation option to add a read confirmation to the workflow final state.

If a state in a workflow has more than one content review with an approved transition to the final state, this will be considered a final review state and the transition will add read confirmation to the final state.

If the final state has a previous read confirmation:

  • any previous readers added will be retained for the new read confirmation
  • all individual reader confirmations will be reset and re-sent.

To remove the workflow popup option for reviewers to Request read confirmation, uncheck the tick box in the read confirmation configuration in workflow builder. When read confirmation is then enabled in the workflow, a requested read confirmation will then be added every time the workflow enters the final state.

Final state

In the final/published state, readers can be added or removed manually by page editors or administrators using the read confirmation popup.

If a previously published page is updated at any point, and read confirmation is added:

  • the default addition of a read confirmation and (if enabled) a reviewer choosing Request read confirmation, will not remove any readers from a previous read confirmation
  • any existing completed read confirmation by the individual readers will be reset.
  • edit readers can be done using the read confirmation popup.
  • in the QMS workflow, any readers specified in the workflow that were removed from the previous read confirmation will be added again.

Working with read confirmations

See the following to learn more: