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Edit Parameters - Page Tools


The Content Expiry Workflow or the Quality Management System Workflow both have workflow parameters. The values for these parameters are set up when the workflow is first applied in a space

Each values of these parameters  can be changed by a user with Edit permissions for the content with the workflow applied in page mode workflow.

Changing the value of the parameters

A user can change the value of the workflow parameters.

Choose Edit Parameters in the Page Tools menu:

Enter the values of the workflow parameters into the popup box:

The parameter values that can be edited will depend on the current workflow applied to the page. In Comala Document Control the editable parameter values are:

  The Edit Parameters menu option in the Page Tools menu is only available:

  • when workflow has editable parameters
  • only for users with edit or admin permission for the content

Note: the value of the workflow parameters for the current chosen space workflow can also be edited by space admins in the space tools workflows dashboard.