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Workflow Assigned Reviewers

Reviewers in the Quality Managed System Workflow can be assigned automatically by the workflow when the content transitions to a state with a content review.

On initial application of the workflow, one or more users are assigned as reviewers as part of setting up the workflow.

The reviewer assignment can be:

  • an individual user
  • a list of multiple users
  • a member of a Confluence user group

These reviewers are defined as workflow parameters. Adding the Quality Management System workflow requires you to add these details.

Adding reviewers as workflow parameters will cause the same reviewers to be automatically assigned for each occurrence of the content review as the content cycles through the workflow states.

In this workflow, the reviewers added as workflow parameters are users who must approve the the content review:

  • adding multiple individual users requires all these reviewers to agree on the content before the content review transition will occur
  • or adding a group, requires that only users who are members of the group can approve or reject the content

Remember: it is mandatory to add at least one value to one of these parameters

These reviewers can be changed by users with Edit permissions using the Page Tools menu option Edit Parameters.

The parameters can be edited by adding existing Confluence usernames or Confluence user groups to the text boxes.

Space Admins can also edit these values in the space tools workflows dashboard.

When applying the Quality Management Systems Workflow, reviewers assigned through the workflow are required to enter their username and password as credentials when undertaking a review.