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Workflow Setup


Some workflows will require additional Workflow Setup before they start.

You'll see a message like this in the Workflow Popup, asking you to set Parameters:

This message will occur when workflow parameter values are required in Comala Document Control for:

  • content reviewers in the  Quality Management System Workflow.
  • expiry period in the Content Expiry Workflow.

Once you've saved the parameters, the workflow popup will return to normal, showing information about the current state.

Editing parameters

If the parameters of the workflow are altered after you've set them, you may see this screen again. These workflow parameters can be set up as follows:

  • on the initial addition of the workflow to another individual page or space when the above prompt will occur.
  • as a user with Edit permission, using the page tools menu to Edit the parameters once the workflow has been added and applied to a page.
  • as a space admin, in space tools to alter the parameter values for the workflows across the space.