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Simple Approval Workflow

The Simple Approval Workflow is one three workflows included with Comala Document Control: 

This approval workflow consists of two states: ReviewRejected;  and Approved, and allows you to ensure that content is reviewed and signed-off:

  • the Review state has a content review.

  • the Rejected state has a content review.

Users with edit permission can undertake the approve or reject decision for each content review unless one or more users have been assigned as reviewers.

The workflow has a final state and automatically defines content as approved content (Approved state) or draft content (Review and Rejected states).

  • if the page or blog post is edited in the Approved or Rejected states, the content will automatically transition to the Review state when the change is saved.
  • users with View-only permissions will be directed to view the latest approved version of the content

A due date can be set on the Approved state, when this expires the content will automatically transition to the Review state. If you require specific page expiry behavior, consider using the Content Expiry Workflow

The Simple Approvals Workflow is one of three installed workflows for use in Comala Document Control, each with different states and transitions. The alternative workflows are: