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Assigning Reviewers


In content reviews you will be able to assign, reassign and unassign reviewers.

Look for the + Add reviewer button in the workflow popup:

Assigning a reviewer

Click the + Add Reviewer button in the popup, you can search by full nameusername, or email address or select from the contributors suggested by Comala Document Control:

When you've found who you're looking for, click the check box on the right to assign them to the review. You will then have the option to select or write in an approval role. After typing or selecting a role, hit Enter or click outside the text box before clicking the blue Assign button.

The Approval Role feature can be disabled in the Workflow Builder by an administrator

Saving the chosen assigned reviewer

To save the assignment of the reviewer, click the blue Assign button. You will see the assignee avatar added to the popup:

The status indicator circle will be a filled circle if the assigned reviewer views the page and accesses the workflow popup.

Assigning a reviewer to a content review will disable (grey-out) the approve and reject buttons for all other users , including space and Confluence admins.

Unassigning reviewers

Although Admin users cannot undertake a content review assigned to another user, they can unassign reviewers.


To reassign or unassign reviewers, return to the assignment search screen in the pop-up. 

Hover over the grey tick checkbox, and it will turn to blue. Click it.

Choose the Unassign button to remove the reviewer. The user's avatar will be removed from the workflow popup.

If all the reviewers are unassigned, the approval can then be undertaken by any user with Edit permission for the page or blog.