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Content Byline Item


When a workflow is added to a page or blog post, the workflow content byline item is added below the page/blog heading:

The name of the current workflow state is shown next to a colored status indicator circle.

Choosing the status indicator circle and state name breadcrumbs will open the workflow popup. The content byline item will change to show the current workflow status.

There are 3 states in the Basic Approval Workflow:

When in a draft state (either Review or Rejected), if there is also an approved version of the content, the content byline item will include a link to the current version of the approved state:

In the published Approved state, if there is a draft version of the approved content, the content byline will include a link to the current version of the draft state:

If the state in the workflow has a content review, any user assigned to the content review viewing the page will see the status indicator as a filled circle.