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Add Workflow - Page Tools


Use this option to add an approval to an individual page or blog post.

This option will only available when

Choosing the Add Workflow... option opens the Add workflow dialog box.

Space admins can choose to add the workflow in space mode by highlighting the right-hand option in this dialogue box.

If the current user is not a space admin, this choice is skipped and the workflow is only applied to the current page.

Choose Next.

There is a choice of one of three different workflows to add to the page.

Highlight a workflow and choose Apply to add the workflow to the individual page.

When choosing to add either the Content Expiry Workflow or the Quality Management Systems Workflow you will be asked to undertake some additional setup of the workflow. In the setup you will need to add the values for some workflow parameters for each workflow:

This value is the period of time from the time of transition into the Approved state. If the content is updated and reviewed and a new Approved version is created, the value will be reset to the original time period.

The addition of at least one of the values for one of the parameters is mandatory for the first application of the workflow in a space.

These values can be edited:

  • using the Edit Parameters option in the page tools menu for a workflow applied in page workflow mod.

  • in the space tools workflows dashboard for a space mode workflow 

These workflow parameters may be prepopulated if the QMS workflow had been previously added to content in the space.

The option to add a page workflow will also depend on the user having edit or admin permissions for the page. This is in addition to the prerequisite that global configuration allows page workflows and space mode workflows is currently disabled in the space.