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Workflow Popup



The workflow popup allows you to keep track of every stage of the workflow:

The contents of the workflow popup will change to reflect

  • the current state of the workflow

  • the type of transition that is defined for the current state

If the state has a content review, this will be characterized in the workflow popup by buttons, usually captioned "Approve" and "Reject".

Workflow Progress Tracker Bar

The workflow progress tracker bar can be found at the bottom of the Workflow Popup. 

The progress tracker will show the current state in the workflow. Usually, the tracker will show all the states, although in some workflows a state may be hidden.

In the example tracker bar above, the workflow is the Quality Management System workflow. The state missing from the tracker bar is Obsolete. However, the Obsolete state will appear in the tracker bar when the workflow is in the state:

Hiding the workflow state on the tracker bar is sometimes used to support team focus on the overall workflow.

Activity report

Use the workflow popup ellipsis menu options to open a report for the workflow activity on the page.

The page activity report is accessed in server and data center spaces using page activity data format.

The document activity report is accessed in data center space using document activity data format (from Comala Document Control v2.0+).


Use the workflow popup ellipsis menu options to open a dialog box to edit the values for any workflow parameters for the applied workflow.

This option is not displayed for the Simple Approval Workflow.