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Confused States - Grey Circle

/wiki/spaces/AWPD/pages/6428168337 What are confused states?

If you delete or rename a state in a workflow template, any associated workflows that were in that state will now be confused – because the state doesn't exist any more.

This may happen if you add a workflow across all the content in a space and some of the content previously had a workflow applied that had different states.

Content in the previous state (that has been removed) will be displayed with the grey state indicator circle in the content byline.

The workflow popup will display options to transition to any of the states in the existing workflow including the new state.

How to fix?

It depends on which mode the workflow is added and applied to the content ...

When applying a workflow across all the space content  (space mode)

When applying a copy of a workflow to an individual page or blog post (page mode)

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