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Read confirmation due date


The read confirmation popup allows page editors and admins to add and edit a due date for read confirmation. The due date can be a fixed period or a specific date. 

If the read confirmation is added as part of a workflow, the read confirmation due date can also be set using workflow builder. Workflow parameters can be used to specify the values for these.

If all assigned read confirmations are not completed by the due date, the read confirmation status in the popup is changed to OVERDUE.

Add a due date

Choose the read confirmation due date icon in the read confirmation popup.

Select a due date and time from the popup calendar.

Any time remaining before the due date will be displayed in the read confirmation popup.

Only assigned readers will see the due date displayed in the popup.

If the read confirmation due date passes without all the requested read confirmations being completed, the read confirmation popup displays an OVERDUE status lozenge.

Working with read confirmations

See the following to learn more: