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Upgrade to 2.0+

Upgrade to 2.0+

Comala Document Control v2.0+ is data center only.

Comala Document Control v2.0+ for data center uses the document activity capability to record and track workflow events and actions on each document.

After upgrading your app to Comala Document Control v2.0+, you will need to upgrade the data in your existing spaces with workflow activity (current and historic) to use document activity in place of the existing page activity.

New spaces created after installation of Comala Document Control v2.0+ will automatically use document activity when a workflow is applied to a document in the space.

Comala Document Control v1.13.0+ and Comala Document Control v2.0+ releases include the option to run pre-upgrade checks to check upgrade viability to v2.0+ and provide estimates of the time to undertake the upgrade.

As the upgrade process requires Read Only Mode to be enabled in your instance, the upgrade of data for existing spaces with workflow activity can only be undertaken in your data center instance after installation of Comala Document Control v2.0+.

Pre-upgrade checks

A global administrator can run the pre-upgrade data checks and view the current status of the upgrade checks for each space across their instance using the Document Activity Upgrade console.

Prior to installing Comala Document Control v2.0, you can run pre-upgrade checks to

  • check the viability of the upgrade to v2.0+

  • estimate the time required for the upgrade in your data center installation

To run the pre-upgrade checks you must have at least Comala Document Control v1.13.0 installed

Read Only Mode is not required for the pre-upgrade checks

Upgrading to v2.0+

  • install v2.0+

Running the pre-upgrade checks provides information to validate that the data upgrade for existing spaces with workflow activity will run smoothly.

Any errors identified for pages in a space in a pre-upgrade check will

  • prevent a successful data upgrade for the space

  • set the space upgrade status as Unsuccessful

  • add a support package for each space to the Document Activity Upgrade console listing the errors and the affected pages

The pre-upgrade check will also provide you with an estimate of the time your data center instance will be in Read-Only mode for the upgrade to take place to allow you to plan accordingly for minimal disruption to your users.