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Document activity data upgrade journey questions


data center


To help you manage the impact on your users caused by scheduled maintenance periods, a pre-upgrade data check process is provided to

  • validate that the upgrade can be undertaken

  • provide an indication of the time required for the upgrade

  • identify any upgrade errors for specific pages in each space

If there is an error when running the pre-upgrade check for a space a downloadable support package is created to allow the review of the validation checks.

To ensure that the document activity data upgrade is complete and accurate, you will need to enable Read Only Mode. As this capability is only available in Confluence Data Center - Comala Document Control 2 is data center only.

Document activity data upgrade journey questions


The Document Activity Upgrade console is available prior to the upgrade of your data to run pre-upgrade checks. Pre-upgrade checks and upgrade can be run in a single operation.

Pre-upgrade checks do not require you to enable Read Only Mode. You only need to enable Read Only Mode when you are upgrading.


On installation of Comala Document Control 2.0+

  • new spaces will automatically use document activity

  • existing spaces without an applied workflow will use document activity when a workflow is applied

  • existing spaces with an applied workflow will need to be upgraded to use document activity


Users can continue working with Comala Document Control and choose the time of upgrade for each space after upgrading the app to Comala Document Control 2.0 for data center.


Workflow activity data will continue to be stored in previous format for the life of Comala Document Control 2.0.


When upgrading, the upgrade is set as Complete or Partially complete at the space level. If errors are detected in the upgrade process, no data is committed to the new format. A support package is added to the Document Activity Upgrade console when an upgrade is set as Partially Complete.

in-app support

The Document Activity Upgrade console enables admins to check the status of the upgrade in Comala Document Document Control 2.0+ for each space across their instance.


On installing Comala Document Control 2.0+, pre-upgrade checks and the upgrade can be executed on a space-by-space basis to minimize the impact on your end-users.

You need to enable Read Only Mode in your data center instance when you are upgrading the document activity data.

upgrade help

Pre-upgrade check validation errors are recorded in a downloadable Support Package that you can attach to a support request. This is added to the space listed with an error in the Document Activity Upgrade console.

Comala Document Control 1.13+ for server and data center provides the ability to run

  • pre-upgrade checks on a space-by-space basis so that you may validate your existing activity and get upgrade duration estimates (this does not require Read Only Mode)

Comala Document Control 2.0 for data center only provides the ability to run

  • pre-upgrade checks and upgrades on a space-by-space basis allowing you to prioritize and schedule each space upgrade