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Document Activity - Comala Document Control 2



Comala Document Control 2 introduces an improved capability - Document Activity - that is a step change in the way the app stores events such as state changes and reviews.

This significant change requires an upgrade of your existing data in spaces currently with an applied workflow to utilize this capability on content in your existing spaces in Confluence data center

  • new spaces will automatically utilize document activity when a workflow is applied

  • existing spaces without an applied workflow will utilize document activity on first application of a workflow

How is document activity recorded?

The existing capability in our data center and server compatible app - Page Activity - uses XML page content properties containing the data of workflow related interactions in the page.

The Document Activity capability a framework provided by Atlassian that enables apps to save data in a real database that enables easier, faster and more scalable data access and storage.

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Why upgrade your existing data?

Upgrading your data to use the Document Activity capability for your content not only provides improvements in performance and stability but also new features and capabilities including

  • new document activity report that includes filtering by type of workflow actions for states; for approvals; for read confirmations; and for page edits

The document activity capability also allows the development of new macros and the implementation of additional features for the app.