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2.0.1 Release Notes

Comala Document Control Data Center

Sep 6, 2023

Comala Document Control for Confluence 2.0.1 is a data center only maintenance and bugfix release.

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  • updated some of our backend workflow components to improve stability and performance


  • resolved a problem updating content properties on a page by an applied workflow if the page had page-level restrictions

  • fixed a problem causing an error when a workflow action included blank comments and prevented a successful data upgrade to use document activity

  • the Workflow parameters dialog box on the page now displays the full name for a user when searching to add a value for a user parameter

  • fixed an error that caused one of document activity data upgrade pre-checks to fail

Future releases Comala Document Control v1.13.10+ will be server only. These server only releases will be only for maintenance and bugfix updates.