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1.10.0 Release Notes

Comala Document Control Server 1.10.0


Comala Document Control 1.10.0 is a feature update release.

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What's new

New Document States Report Macro

  • Introducing the first of our new report macros - Document States Report Macro. This macro enables you to configure and display a report about the pages with workflows in your space, or your entire Confluence Instance.
  • The report provides the same capabilities that are in the existing workflow report macro, plus

    • New report look and feel

    • Improved macro configuration, with easier to use filtering

    • Ability to choose which report columns to display, and the order to display them in

    • Improved performance, resolving issues with the existing workflow report macro

Your existing workflow report macros will not be affected by this change, you can choose when to use the new macro. 


  • Read Confirmations 
    • Minor UI update to the status icons in the Read Confirmation dialog
    • The default notifications can now be disabled
  • Updated minimum Confluence compatibility to version 6.13 

Security Advisory

This release fixes a XSS vulnerability introduced in Comala Document Control 1.4.0. Please see Comala Document Control Security Advisory 2020-12-14 for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a rendering issue in the byline when both Comala Document Control and Comala Publishing were installed
  • Document Report - Space Sidebar
    • Resolved permissions issue that meant that Space Admins could not configure the Space Report
    • Fixed an issue with the report filters not saving
  • An error message is now displayed to users who attempt to edit a Read Confirmation when they do not have permission
  • Resolved an issue where the state byline did not always update on state change