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1.2.0 Release Notes

Comala Workflows Lite Server 1.2.0

Comala Workflows Lite 1.2.0 is a feature release.

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Improved Workflows Lite Dialog Layout

The visual design of the Workflows Lite Dialog Pop-up has been improved. It's now easier to use, and is up to date with the latest Confluence styling.

New Space Workflows Lite Report

The space level Workflows Lite report received a makeover in this release. We have completely rebuilt the front end to allow configurable columns.

(At this time only the space workflow report has been changed. Other macro and user profile reports keep their existing functionality for now.)

This new report performs quicker than our old report because it now uses the native Confluence search API. The trade-off of this speed improvement is that the property data used in the report needs to be setup the first time. This should happen automatically, but please see the Upgrade Instructions section for more information.

It is recommended to rebuild the indexes to get accurate results in the new space workflow report.

Updated minimum Confluence compatibility

Starting with Workflows Lite version 1.2.0, the new minimum version of Confluence that the app is compatible with is Confluence 6.0.1.

Other fixes and updates

  • Minor UI updates.
  • Usage data will now be sent to a new Comalatech hosted server as well as Google Analytics (from which we are transitioning away). We thank the clients that provide this data to help us improve the product. Usage data gathering can be disabled at any time in the global app configuration screen..