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1.0.0 Release Notes

Comala Workflows Lite Server 1.0.0


This is our first public release of Workflows Lite for Confluence server.

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Welcome to Comala Workflows Lite Server

We have bought the Workflows Lite product that currently is only available for Confluence cloud to server customers for the first time.

Ensure your Confluence content is validated before publishing with Comala Workflows Lite.

  • Select from three unique Comalatech-created workflows
  • Include one or more reviewers to sign off on content
  • Approvals with E-Signatures for compliance
  • View approved documents, or review those pending approval
  • Define approvals and reviewers on a per page or space basis
  • Manage your documentation stages
  • Generate space reports
  • Log page approval activities

This release forms part of the new 'Workflows Family' of products for Confluence along with the original Comala Workflows and the new Comala Approvals. Providing a workflow solution to meet all the different needs of Confluence users.