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Comala Document Control 2



Comala Document Control for Data Center is used to manage your Confluence documents.

You can

  • add one of three included workflows to your Confluence pages and spaces to manage your review and approval processes

  • create tasks and manage reviewers for your approvals

  • set requirements for reviewer authentication for your approvals including use of a third party app for e-signature

  • use in-app reporting to track the progress of your documentation process

  • use reporting macros to create custom reporting dashboards in page for your teams

Workflow document activity

We know that Comala Document Control Page Activity is a key capability for many of our customers, especially those that rely on it for regulatory or compliance needs.

Comala Document Control 2 replaces Page Activity with Document ActivityDocument Activity is a step change in the way the app stores workflow events such as state changes and approvals.

This delivers:

  • enhanced performance and stability when loading document activity with large numbers of states and approvals, mitigating the risk of data loss due to size limits.

  • A new Document Activity Report with a more intuitive layout and improved filtering including the flexibility to add advanced filters

This is a significant change from the key capability of Page Activity and requires an upgrade of existing data.

Getting ready

To take advantage of the new capabilities of Comala Document Control 2 you will need to upgrade your existing activity data to a new data format.

  • new spaces will automatically utilize document activity to record and report workflow events and actions

  • existing spaces without an applied workflow (no previous workflow events or actions) will automatically utilize document activity on application of a workflow

To take advantage of the new capabilities of Comala Document Control 2.0+ in data center you need to upgrade your existing workflow activity data to the new document activity data format.

The upgrade will require your Confluence Administrator to enable Confluence Read Only Mode while the upgrade runs.

So that you can plan this upgrade the Document Activity Upgrade console allows you to:

  • check your page activity will upgrade successfully, and get an estimate of the time required

  • upgrade your page activity and enable the new document activity capabilities

Checks can be done at anytime, however you must enable Read Only Mode before choosing to upgrade your workflow data.

The Document Activity Upgrade console is available in releases prior to Comala Document Control 2 from v1.13+