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E-signatures - global


As a Confluence Admin in Confluence global administration choose Document Control in the left hand side-bar.

These options allow you to manage the general configuration of Comala Document Control.


  • Configuration to set the spaces where workflows can be defined, the workflow activity and draft and published page visibility

  • Notifications to manage emails and messages for workflow events

You can configure e-signature authentication method for approvals requiring reviewer authentication.

 From v1.13+, global admins can also access the Document Activity Upgrade screen to run pre-upgrade checks for the release of Comala Document Control 2 - Data Center Only.

Global Administration

Global E-Signatures Configuration

This screen allows you to configure the method of identity authentication for reviewers.

The authentication method can be configured to use either:

  • Confluence username and password

  • Confluence username and signing token

User authentication tokens

Each reviewer is required to set up an authentication app to generate the signing token. The users with an active authentication app are displayed in the configuration screen.

The e-signatures configuration screen will display:

  • users with the active signing token

  • the expiration date for the users signing token

  • date the users signing token app was set up.

  • last use by the user of a signing token in a content review

  • the number of failed attempts to use a signing token in a content review

Managing user authentication tokens

Global administrators can manage the signing tokens for each user.

  • Remove users active signing tokens.

  • change the expiry date for the signing token.

Removing an active signing token or reaching the expiration date will require the user to set up the authentication app again.

Users with expired signing tokens will be listed until the user opens an approval.