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1.13.1 Release Notes

Comala Document Control Data Center and Server 1.13.1

Sep 28, 2022 

Comala Document Control for Confluence 1.13.1 is a security advisory and bugfix release.

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Security Advisory

  • This release fixes a vulnerability identified in Comala Document Control that allowed some users to undertake unauthorized actions.

This vulnerability affects all Comala Document Control versions up to 1.13.0.

For more information please see


  • fixed an issue that caused a system error when the Confluence change-history macro was used with Same-space publishing

  • Document Activity Upgrade report now records the correct value for the totalDocActivityEntries counter

  • resolved an error that occurred when interacting with deleted users in the Read Confirmation assignment list

  • 'minutes' can now be added to an editable due date in the workflow popup