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6.16.14 Release Notes

Jun 9, 2022 

Comala Document Management 6.16.14 is a minor update and bugfix release.

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  • space admins can now use workflow builder (in addition to the markup editor) to view and edit workflow templates in the Page Workflows Templates dashboard

  • set-restrictions action macro in a trigger now ignores unknown usernames (disabled or deleted users) and no longer prevents the trigger from being applied but sets restrictions to valid users that are defined. Failed users are now only added as a WARNING flag to the audit log. The add-restriction and remove-restriction macros also now ignore unknown user names

  • Support Console now automatically includes details of page macros being used on pages when choosing Download Support Package.  This new Include page storage format option is by default checked, and an additional text file is added to the Support Package

  • updated libraries and dependencies for improved stability and performance


  • fixed an issue causing anonymous users to be presented with the onboarding Get Started message

  • when adding a workflow trigger with an invalid Confluence group an error message deletegroup is now displayed instead of the removal of the whole trigger markup

  • updated calendar in the date picker to only allow a user to select a date and time in the future

  • fixed an issue that caused the display of a warning message when undertaking a reindex operation

  • resolved a problem that allowed a space admin to edit a global workflow template when accessing a workflow page workflow templates dashboard

  • fixed a problem reporting all the information for tasks when using the workflow report macro