This site has moved to the integrated Appfire documentation and information site for our apps.

From February 2024 this site is no longer updated.

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Welcome to Comala Document Management Server

Use Comala Document Management for Server to manage and control your documents in Confluence.

Comala Document Management helps you to build robust data governance - a fundamental best practice for organizations, small and large.

Support for Atlassian Confluence Server ends on Feb. 15, 2024

From FEBRUARY 2024 we will no longer offer technical support, security updates, or bug fixes for vulnerabilities for our own server apps .

Regular security updates help protect your business from threats and vulnerabilities. We recommend moving to Atlassian Cloud or Atlassian Data Center and our Cloud or Data Center apps as soon as possible before the end of support date.

Comala Document Management for Data Center has been updated with a new logo and in-app icons as part of the Appfire Workflow and Automation solutions.

Comala Document Management for Server will retain the existing logo and in-app icons.

Shared documentation may use the new logo and icons. Where a feature or function is data center only, these are identified with an on-page lozenge.

Comala Document Management is available as a Data Center or Server compatible app

  • v7.0+ releases are data center only app releases

  • 6.17.11+ releases are server only app. These are maintenance and critical bugfix releases until 15th February 2024

  • 6.17.10+ releases are server and data center app releases

Learn how to use Comala Document Management to help your manage and approve your pages and blog posts in Confluence