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Administration Guides

Administration Guides

Administration Guides include the Space Admin, Confluence Admin and the System Admin Guides.

These Administration Guides for Comala Document Management for Data Center and Server are for content producers, managers and administrators.

There is also a guide available if you are considering Migrating to Confluence Cloud.

Administrator Roles

System Admins

Confluence Admins

Space Admins

Space workflow management and administration

Space administrators manage the workflows available in a space. Workflows available in a space are listed in the following two dashboards

Document Management dashboard

On creation of a new space, by default, no workflows are added to the Document Management dashboard*. Space administrators can add any global workflow enabled by the global administrator to the Document Management dashboard or create a new workflow in the space using workflow builder.

A workflow can be added from the global workflows dashboard

  • as a global scope workflow - the workflow retains its link to the global template and is not editable in the space

  • as a space scope workflow - the workflow is added as a copy and the template becomes unique to the space and editable by the space administrator

Global scope workflows are added as an active workflow in the space. They cannot be disabled in the space but a space administrator can remove them from the space.

Space scope workflows can be enabled or disabled by the space administrator.

* A global scope workflow can be added automatically on the creation of a new space by using a space category workflow configured in the global workflows dashboard.

Page Workflow Templates dashboard

All active global workflows are by default added to the dashboard. A space administrator can disable these global scope workflows or make a copy to edit.

Enabled workflows are available for users to add a copy to an individual page. Once added to the content, this copy of the workflow becomes unique to the content. Editing the workflow template on the page does not affect the source workflow template in the dashboard.

Modes of application

There are two different ways (or modes) in which workflows can be applied within a space.

  • a workflow can be applied to all content in a space, and changes to the workflow template will be applied to all the content - space mode

  • a workflow can be applied to a single page or blog post and changes to the workflow template only affect that content - page mode

Space Mode
  • enabled workflows listed on the space tools Document Management dashboard are automatically applied to all content in the space

  • if a workflow has filters (content and/or label parameters on the workflow macro), it will only be applied to content matching those filters

  • workflows are applied in the order in which they appear on the list in the Document Management Dashboard

  • if a global scope workflow is active in the dashboard, this is applied even if there active space scope workflows

  • once a workflow has been applied to a piece of content, no other workflows will be considered for that piece of content

By default a workflow enabled in a space will be applied to all content in that space (space mode application) even if a page workflow has previously been applied (page mode application).

Page Mode

By default all spaces in an instance are allow the application of space and page workflows. A global adminsistrator can restrict the spaces where space workflows or page workflows can be applied.