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Document Workflow Report Macro


The Document Workflow Report macro can be added to content to create a workflow information dashboard for your users.

The macro can be configured to report types including on states or approvals.


By default, this report is only available to users who can Add content (pages or blog posts) to the space.

View-only users will only be able to view content in the workflow final state in the report.

Adding the report

To add the report to a page

  • In the page editor, choose Insert → Other Macros → Reporting → Workflow Report

  • Set the Type setting to states

  • Choose Save to add the macro to the draft page

Here's how the macro looks on your updated page.

The macro can be edited to change the type of report. Different filter options can be set for each type of report.

For details of the filter options for each type of report in the macro please refer to the following macro pages in the Comala Document Management documentation

The Document Workflow Report macro will be deprecated in future releases of Comala Document Control 1.10.0+ and be replaced with individual reporting macros with improved filters, column display management, and ease of use.