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Report Data Population


v1.13.8 or later

Pages and blog posts automatically update their data for the following document control reports including

However, sometimes the data won’t be updated if there were some unexpected errors or there was a lack of edit permissions by the user that triggered the update itself.

In those cases the data for the reports can be manually populated by running a space level job using the Report Data Population screen in the space tools Document Control dashboard.

This option complements the option to run the space level properties through the URL.

When would I want to use this?

The data population option can be used to populate space properties data for the workflow properties for your pages and blog posts in a space if there are unexpected errors in Comala Document Control reports and report macros.

Running the space population

In space tools Document Control dashboard

  • choose Report Data Population option

  • choose Populate button

Before running the space properties population job, all workflows must be enabled or the already existing data of pages and blog posts will be deleted. This data can be repopulated in any moment though, so it won’t be forever lost.