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Comala Document Management Family of Apps Map



Comala Document Management Family of Apps

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Comala Document Management 7 and later; Comala Document Control 2 and later and Comala Document Approval 2 and later are all data center only releases.

Data Center & Server

Comala Document Management - installed with a range of workflows*, each highly customizable to your team or business and your compliance processes.

Build your own workflow, use the app with the installed workflows or choose a workflow from the Comala Workflow repository.

Make your workflow flexible and portable across spaces, manage and share workflows at global and space level across your organization, add and respond to workflow events by adding triggers, actions and tasks to your workflow.

Create custom workflow reports and embed them as document content to inform your team and users.

*Not all features in server are currently available in cloud. For future development of a range of workflows and features in Comala Document Management for Cloud can be seen in Comala Migration Roadmap for Cloud

† Installing a workflow from the Workflows Exchange Repository is only available for data center and server apps.

Comala Document Control - three workflow options to manage your document development and approval.

Assign reviewers to content reviews, check the workflow status of your spaces and pages, and get access to approval reports.

Approval e-signatures are only available in Cloud when using the bundled Quality Management Systems workflow.

There is no ability to customize workflows in the Comala Document Control for Cloud app. For custom workflows you need to add the Comala Document Management for Cloud app.

There is limited ability to make changes to the installed workflows in the Comala Document Control for server and data center apps. For complete workflow customization for server and data center versions, you will need to add the Comala Document Management for Data Center or Server app.

The Comala Document Management Family of Apps also includes Comala Document Approval - the easiest way to add a review and approval process to your documents in Confluence


Data Center & Server

Installed with one approval workflow to manage your draft and approved content with your publishing process Comala Document Approval is available for cloud or data center and server

Application on an individual page or blog post or across all content in a space

Assign as reviewers to content review

Manage updates on approved content

Get approvals reports