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Comala Document Control for Confluence 1.12.6 is a minor update and bug fix release. 


This release includes a hotfix and replaces Comala Document Control 1.12.5.

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  • Document states report macro


     CQL filter search updated to use standard CQL format. Filters can now use CQL search keywords such as OR


     and comparison operators

  • audit report now shows a log trace with the results of a migration export (total number of pages successfully exported of the total number of pages and, if applicable, the number of pages that failed to export)



  • updated the Document States

    Report macro to display correct 

    Report macro to display correct sortable/non-sortable


     option for each column in the UI of the report

  • fixed a problem when opening


    the Document Report


     using the option link in the space sidebar

  • resolved a problem that can cause


    Could not find ApprovalCheck error when a user transitions the workflow using


    the Approve


     button in the workflow popup

  • resolved a problem that prevented a space admin from accessing the


    ellipsis Actions


     menu options for a space workflow in the space tools Comala Document Control dashboard

  • resolved a problem displaying the Document States Report and Document Report 


     when a page with an added workflow in the scope of the report has not


    been initialized

The following bugfixes affect installations of Comala Document Control using Confluence 7.8.0 or earlier (except Confluence v7.4.6)

  • update to resolve a problem preventing an approval transition to the workflow final state

  • fixed a problem preventing an administrator from using



  •  option