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  • complete upgrade checks to validate the existing activity in their instance, and

  • start planning the upgrades prior to the release installation of Comala Document Control 2 (Data Center only).

From Comala Document Control 2.0 (planned release

titleQ2 2023
) the console will allow allows Confluence Administrators to manage the upgrade of Document Activity to enable the new capabilities in your data center instance.


Read Only Mode must be enabled to undertake the data upgrade process for one or more spaces in an instance.

Document Activity Upgrade console


This can be done for example, to mitigate any performance impact.



Successful validation of the upgrade checks for each space will be displayed in the Upgrade status column including the date and time of the check. A duration time for the upgrade of the space is also displayed.

Upgrade check errors

The console will display the following warning message if errors are detected in one or more spaces.


  • download the Support Package for each space with a validation error

  • review the pages with validation errors and update the pages

    • pages with restrictions for the user running the upgrade will need to be removed for that user

  • re-run the upgrade

If you need help, contact Comala Support and include the Support Package as an attachment to


the request.

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