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Assign a task


Tasks can be assigned to users via the Tasks Popup.

Open the Tasks Popup

Choose Tasks on the Workflow Status Bar to open the Tasks Popup, then hover the mouse over the task you want to assign:

Choose assignee

Choose the Assign task and you'll see the assignment screen:

This works similarly to Assigning reviewers, but you can only assign a single person to tasks.

Click a grey dashed circle to select the assignee – it will turn in to a green circle with check mark.

You can reassign to a different user by clicking the grey circle next to their name, or unassign the current user by clicking the green circle next to their name.

Adding a note

If you want to send them an additional note, which will appear in workbox and email notifications.

Choose Add note, then enter the note in the text field that appears.

The note will be sent when you Assign, Reassign, or Unassign the task.

Saving changes

Choose AssignReassign, or Unassign to save the changes.

When other users see the task, they'll see the assignee's profile image next to the task:

When the assignee looks at the task, they'll see a blue dot next to the task checkbox, and also on the icon on the Tasks link in the Workflow Status Bar:

Notifications and reporting

Depending on App configuration (see below) anyone assigned to the task, or watching the page will receive notifications to let them know of the changes.

Details of the changes will also be stored in the Activity Report - Content.

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